About Us

NILU Polska is involved in research regarding broadly defined environment protection and activities for transferring BATs into the Polish market, especially in the scope of energetic use of biomass, waste management and emission reduction.

Our mission is a work for sustainable development by providing services based on current scientific research and best practices. We believe that even small, intentionally undertaken activities will bring positive effects.


The Board of Directors


Prof. dr hab. inż. Józef M. Pacyna – the Chairman

Dr Kari Nygaard – the Vice-Chairman

NILU Poland is a limited liability company, registered in the District Court in Katowice, VIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the number: 0000066850


Norsk institutt for luftforskning
Norwegian Institute for Air Resaerch


NILU Innovation


Zintegrowany system wspomagający
zarządzaniem i ochroną zbiornika zaporowego


Instytut Zaawansowanych Technologii Energetycznych


Urząd Miasta Częstochowy


Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego w Częstochowie

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