Conference “From research to operational monitoring and functional models of reservoir”

The Symposium and workshop on “From research to operational monitoring and functional models of reservoir” took place on 11 January 2012 at President’s office of University of Silesia, Katowice.


The main subject of the conference was summary of research studies conducted within the framework of research monitoring in years 2010-2011. All research groups as well as teams of scientific and strategic partners involved in ZiZOZap project (Integrated system supporting management and protection of water reservoir) attended in the conference.

NILU Poland was represented on conference by dr Damian Panasiuk. He presented results of the ZiZOZap project in oral presentation of “Tourism and recreation as conflict areas in running of the Goczałkowice Reservoir”. See presentation in Polish.



Autor: Anna Głodek 2012.01.23


NILU and NILU Polska on International Trade Fair of Environmental Protection „POLEKO” 2011

On November 22-25 POLEKO International Trade Fair of Environmental Protection was held in Poznań.

NILU and NILU Polska have showed common offer by presentation of their achievements and possibilities of cooperation with potential Clients among other Norwegian companies in exhibition pavilion prepared by Innovation Norway under the patronage of Embassy of Norway in Poland. The second day of fairs, on 23 November was announced as “Norwegian Day”. The most important part of the day was seminar “Norwegian Technological Solutions in the Field of Environmental Protection”, which was opened formally by Ambassador of Norway in Poland, Enok Nygaard.

Then, Counselor of Embassy – Stein Inge Nesvaag presented information on “EOG and Norwegian Funds in the scope of environment protection”, concerning the scope and schedule of the introduction of the next tranche of financial mechanisms of European Economic Area (EEA) countries. After then the first session of Seminar “Climate protection” took place, which was moderated and conducted by Professor Wojciech Nowak. The first presentation of the session was “Practical use of clean coal technology in Polish energy sector” presented by Director of NILU Polska, Leszek Sebesta.


Autor: Leszek Sebesta 2012.01.03


10 years of NILU Polska

This year, NILU Polska is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. The company was established in 2001, in Katowice, with great support of Professor Jozef Pacyna and the leaders of the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU). It was the first foreign daughter company of NILU.

On the 20th October, the employees of NILU Polska, our guests and friends, with whom, during our longstanding activity, we have cooperated and performed many successful works, met on the anniversary seminar, during which the history of company activity and its main stages were presented. During the presentations, the most significant projects were reminded and the strategy of activity for the nearest future was presented.


- Possibilities of mercury emission reduction from energy sector,

- Socio-economic analysis of environmental policies.

Guests from Norway: Director of NILU – Kari Nygaard, Ph.D. and Director of Marketing & Innovation Department – John J. Ackerman III, presented activity and structure of the Norwegian mother-company – NILU. Presentations presented by our Polish guests included not only our current areas of cooperation, but also mutual plans and new research activities.

The meeting was ended by ceremonial dinner.

We would like to thank our guests for their time, compliments and wishes.

Autor: Leszek Sebesta 2011.10.25


Conference ECOpole’11

Central European Conference ECOpole’11 „Chemical substances in environment” took place at Zakopane, Poland on 13-15 October 2011. Presentations were grouped in sections: The Quality of Environment, Analitycal Techniques and Live Sciences Methodes. Opening lecture was delivered by prof. Paul Jozef Crutzen – Nobel Prize winner from chemistry in 1995.

The goal of NILU Polska representant participation was dissemination of the MERCPOL project results presented in paper and oral presentation: Panasiuk D., Głodek A., Pacyna J.M.: „Scenarios of mercury emissions to air, water and soil in Poland to year 2020”.

See presentation.

Autor: Anna Głodek 2011.10.18





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