Air Quality Management

One of the main challenges in today’s society is to have timely and appropriate access to relevant and good quality environmental data. The aim is to enable actions whenever environmental requirements and limits are violated.

Air quality issue is one of the main trends of NILU Polska’s activities. In order to improve air quality in areas characterized of exceeds in air pollution concentration, NILU developed Air Quality Management System. System depends on combination of modelling and monitoring. It enables to assess present state of air quality as well as to forecast level of pollution in the future. Those features have essential meaning to assure fast access to the environmental data, to carry out an environmental impact assessment of planned investment and to work out the strategy of abatement scenarios. The Air Quality Management System consists of control system and pollution information system named AirQUIS. AirQUIS uses emission models, weather forecast model and GIS module. Main elements of the system are monitoring, graphical presentation tools, and modelling of pollution emission and dispersion.

NILU Polska undertakes investigations of air pollution problems, and is offering consulting services for public authorities, industries, international organizations and others. NILU Polska offers a complete and specially designed program for air pollution problem, including scientific and technical personnel.

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