Sustainable development

Energy and food are factors which decide about quality of life – our and future generations. Therefore, this is the reason why we should use principles of sustainable development. Because of importance of the problem – it also concerns the future of our planet – it is a subject of lots of research carried out in institutions all over the world. Their results are interesting publications, valuable research methods, useful tools… but importance of these achievements is limited. The measure of success in this discipline is inculcating in people minds influencing changes in their behavior. Conscious activities of individuals are transmitted on the whole population and cause noticeable global changes. Do small efforts make sense? Could it be possible to win huge amounts of money on a lottery if players buying lottery tickets disappeared? The sum of small efforts brings significant effects, so every one may support or disturb activities aiming at rational, sustainable development.

We deal with the following issues related to the sustainable development:

- rational energy use,
- energy production based on renewable sources,
- effective energy production in modern, high-duty technologies based on fossil fuels,
- sustainable economy of organic wastes.


Norsk institutt for luftforskning
Norwegian Institute for Air Resaerch


NILU Innovation


Zintegrowany system wspomagający
zarządzaniem i ochroną zbiornika zaporowego


Instytut Zaawansowanych Technologii Energetycznych


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